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The Founding Declaration of The Democracy International states:

"We seek to build a movement to promote pluralist democracy - strengthen democracy where it exists; to revive democracy where it has been destroyed; and to inspire it where it has for too long been a distant dream".

The Democracy International was founded in New York city in 1979 through the efforts of American journalist and human rights activist Theodore Jacqueney. Although he died in an accident later the same year, his inspiration continues today through the organization he founded and the efforts of numerous likeminded individuals in many countries.

The Democracy International is a not-for-profit Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). It seeks to involve individuals to practical action on behalf of common commitments to human rights, freedom of speech and press, religious liberty, free political elections and the right to contest elections. It works to develop political and economic self-determination of of citizens allowing them to choose their social systems and control their resources. It calls on democracies to increase help to democratic leaders and politicians in the Third World, provide economic sustenance to relieve human suffering and support efforts world wide to build open societies. It publicizes the efforts of democratic movements in dictatorships and attempts to increase the amount of uncensored information to closed societies. It provides a forum for democrats to express their opinions openly, based on accurate information and objective and balanced anaylsis, and to engage in open debate.




The Democracy International needs your financial support. You can make a tax deductable contribution under IRS Code, Section 501(c)3, (The Democracy International).

Your contribution will help keep this forum open for individuals to express opinions and discuss issues that are of interest to all of us in building pluralist democracies. It will help to enable dissidents in closed societies to reach a public beyond their borders. It will help to sponsor individuals from struggling democracies and closed societies to come and pre- sent their views at conventions and meetings in countries with open societies.


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Letters to the Editor, articles and submissions for OP-ED are welcome.